Seeds Of Creativity

What Is Grounding Or Earthing?
Music As The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Curating a life of endless fascination, fueled by curiosity.

by Joanna Marie

Let curiosity be your guide to a world of endless possibilities. The unknown is full of potential, and curiosity is the key to unlocking it.



Wellness encompasses more than just physical health; it’s a holistic approach to achieving overall well-being. Explore the various dimensions of wellness, providing insights and practical tips for cultivating a healthier and happier life.

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In a world that often feels increasingly disconnected, fostering genuine connections is more important than ever. Discover the power of connection and how to cultivate meaningful relationships.

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Creativity is a boundless wellspring of ideas, innovation, and personal expression. Delve into the world of creativity, exploring its power, fostering inspiration, and providing tools to cultivate your unique creative voice.

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Powerful Healing Through Journaling  1000 667 Nicole Rosenstiel

Powerful Healing Through Journaling 

There is a lightness you feel once you can leave your words bleeding on the page. It’s healing. Both dreaming and acknowledging personal struggles through journal writing helps you to move forward in life.

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Allowing What Is 1024 682 Nicole Rosenstiel

Allowing What Is

The incredible thing that I’ve learned in life, is that life can be so much fun if you are in the spirit of allowing. You can actually enjoy the little wins, the moments that might be missed if you are overcome with fear and anxiety. You can find the laughter within the pain. 

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The Big Picture of Your Life 500 333 Nicole Rosenstiel

The Big Picture of Your Life

Sometimes there are things that happen to you in life that feel unfair or flat-out terrible. Moments of rejection are classic examples.  In the moment, it might make you feel like a failure. Or, it might feel like bad luck. You throw your hands up and yell, “Why me?!” 

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